A few quick notes about The Forum (v2.0b1 - Public *BETA*)...

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A few quick notes about The Forum (v2.0b1 - Public *BETA*)...

Post by Alan Adams » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:13 am

The Forum (v2.0b1 - Public *BETA*) went *LIVE* just a little before midnight on January 31, 2018…

It has taken quite some effort, but I am VERY excited to offer you (my user base) LEGACY content from the original “The Forum (hosted by alanadams.net)”…now updated for and built on the MOST recent version of phpBB! Over the coming weeks, it will be the effort of myself and The Forum staff to further “clean-up” and streamline (while preserving) this LEGACY content as we move decisively toward a release version of “The Forum (v2.0 - Public)”.

Over the past few days, I have “pruned” SEVERAL hundred bot created accounts from our user base and I have *DELETED* a large number of SPAM posts that they have generated (updating to and maintaining the MOST current version of phpBB should help significantly in addressing this issue going forward)…

The MAIN current “known issue” with The Forum (v2.0b1 - Public *BETA*) is:

:arrow: *BROKEN* links to some images and attached files in LEGACY content.

…in addition to our working to resolve this “known issue” the PRIMARY goals for myself and The Forum staff at this time are:

1) Streamline and “update” the structure of The Forum.

2) *LOCK* and “archive” old/obsolete content.

PLEASE DO look for further updates as these tasks are completed (and in the meantime, PLEASE “excuse our dust”)…

Thank you SO MUCH for your patience and understanding as we work to bring you some EXCITING new content and a streamlined user interface! :D

Best regards,

Owner/Operator of alanadams.net
Head ADMIN and President of The Forum

:idea: Thank you SO MUCH for your FEEDBACK!!! :D


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