“A practical guide to *COMBATING* the devil…” [*ESSENTIAL* guide]

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“A practical guide to *COMBATING* the devil…” [*ESSENTIAL* guide]

Post by Alan Adams » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:55 am

“A practical guide to *COMBATING* the devil…” [*ESSENTIAL* guide] :shock: 8-) :idea:

:arrow: Lesson 1:

*ALWAYS* keep clearly in mind WHAT exactly *YOU* are up against!!!

:arrow: Lesson 2:

SIMPLE pleasures!

:arrow: Lesson 3:

TRY doing ________________ (…IN moderation)!!!

:arrow: Lesson 4:

*LOVE* excessively, but *PROPORTIONATELY* (with your loved ones), or it then becomes YOU that is setting the bar! (I have DONE this, but it is *NOT* an easy task!)

:arrow: Lesson 5:

He *KNOWS* your heart…**SO, KEEP YOU HEART PURE**!!!

:arrow: Lesson 6:

He does *NOT* know your mind!!! (THAT, despite what you’ve seen on StarWars, is *NOT* a place that the devil *MAY* go!!! Period. IF you *START* to think that the DARKNESS is getting into your mind, SIMPLY *REMEMBER* that YOU control YOUR mind, YOUR thoughts (…and they are ONLY known to God, and the Good Guys that may have a gift of discernment, which is ONLY THROUGH the power of God, and WILL BE *LOST* or GAINED at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE at His FULL and *COMPLETE* discretion)!!! It’s kinda like “magic”, but *REAL*!!! :D

(…and, DO *REMEMBER* that a SMART person can make “an educated guess” and PROBABLY get it right, but ONLY a *RIGHTEOUS* person achieves THIS through God (…and He is *ALWAYS* and *FOREVER* RIGHT!!!) :D

:arrow: Lesson 7:

WE win (…BUT, WE WILL *ONLY* WIN what we are willing **TO FIGHT FOR**), and I would suggest that **OUR FREEDOM** against tyranny, oppression, FORCED subjugation, OUR *OWN* addictions (…and morally and otherwise, as *NEEDS* be, supportive of **LOVED ONEs** addictions, but THIS is incredibly DELICATE ground, and *ONLY* if you have support of a **WELL-QUALIFIED** and trained SUPPORT TEAM (which CAN certainly include family, but *MUST* include “a trained PROFESSIONAL” for it to have MUCH chance of success)!

:arrow: Lesson 8:

WE are *NOT* alone!!!

:arrow: Lesson 9:

God *LOVES* each and EVERY one of us (…but He *MUST* also be JUST, as He *MUST* abide by His very SAME law, *OR* He would cease to be God)!

:arrow: Lesson 10:

*ALWAYS* remember that: TOGETHER, WE CAN DO *AMAZING*, *COLOSSAL*, *POWERFUL* and *MAGNIFICENT* acts of KINDNESS and CHARITY (in this world and in His name) that we could *NOT* do apart!!! :D

:arrow: Item 11:

WHERE there the is The Spirit (of the Lord), the *DEVIL* WILL NOT continue…but he will TRY to find **OTHER WAYS** to get our BEST and *MOST* choice to fall-away into darkness (where he can hold GREAT *POWER* over those WHOM he has *POWER* over)…

:arrow: Item 12:

Where TWO(2), or more, are *TOGETHER* in His name…there will He be also (…and *THAT* is a manner in which **WE WILL ALWAYS WIN** in on Eternal battle again that which is *MOST* unclean.

:arrow: Item 13:

The devil will hold **NO POWER** over us that we will *NOT* give to him...

:arrow: Item 14:

...TRY *NOT* to take the above TOO seriously if you DON’T know what the f**k you are doing! Combating *EVIL* (on a LARGE or POWERFUL scale) is *BEST* left to “the experts”, *UNLESS* given no other options, then **FIGHT** for YOUR soul, but it JUST MAY depend upon it (...and what **YOU REMEMBER** from the above)!!!

:arrow: Item 15:

TRUTH and *LOVE* (...neither being *COMPLETE*, or INDEPENDENT of the other) will defeat the Antichrist!!!

:arrow: Item 16:

“*GOOD* luck” out there...and let’s **KICK SOME ASS**!!! :ugeek:

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