The Forum (v2.0) rules… [*EARLY* draft version]

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The Forum (v2.0) rules… [*EARLY* draft version]

Post by Alan Adams » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:49 am

The Forum (v2.0) rules…

While you certainly DON’T have to agree with my opinion about something (or that of my MOD Staff), you DO have to agree to THESE rules!

:arrow: 1) Respect each other! (So…ACT respectfully toward one another!) Yeah, I know…this is KINDERGARTEN type stuff (but SOME people certainly have missed a class or two)!!! So…BE NICE!

:arrow: 2) FACTS are things that can be (or have been) proven, OPINIONS are things that cannot be proven. We ALL have the right to our own OPINIONS (so long as we are RESPECTFUL toward each another), but we absolutely *DO NOT* have the right to our own FACTS!!! We very much welcome you to *PLEASE DO* share your own OPINIONS here on The Forum...that's is EXACTLY what we are about! FACTS and OPINIONS should matter (and they both certainly DO here)!!!

:arrow: 3) Foul language will be *CENSORED* with the default “family safe” setting “ON”, however, for EVERYONE else just manually switch that preference to the “OFF” position and The Forum is now PG-13:D

:arrow: 4) IF you have a disagreement with me, or with any of my Staff, PLEASE conduct that discussion both RESPECTFULLY and PRIVATELY (via PM *ONLY*)! Hey, WE make mistakes too AND we may just see a situation differently than you do! You are TOTALLY OK to voice your concerns or disagreements...JUST do it (via PM *ONLY*)!!!

:arrow: 5) The Staff in-box is intended for your general QUESTIONS, COMMENTS and FEEDBACK! If you have run into some problem or issue that you think we might be able to, ASK for help!

[NOTE: Please *DO NOT* PM me or any The Forum staff (unless you KNOW us or we have initiated contact with you FIRST)...failure to do this will result in a *WARNING*!]

:arrow: 6) FAILURE to adhere to the to the very simple rules above WILL result in a [*WARNING*] being issued.

:arrow: 7) HAVE FUN!!! (If you're NOT having fun, then you're trying WAY too hard!)

THANK YOU so much!!!

-Alan (and The Forum staff)
Owner/Operator of
Head ADMIN and President of The Forum

:idea: Thank you SO MUCH for your FEEDBACK!!! :D

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